Solar Telescopes & Filter Systems

LUNT Solarsystems H-alpha/CaK Solar Telescopes & H-alpha Solar Filter Systems

H-alpha Solar Telescopes
Complete H-alpha telescopes from 50 up to 230mm aperture that allows you to view and to image the Sun at 656.28nm. By far the most vivid and entertaining emission line, it will show you many details of the sun, like protuberances and flares. Dedicated systems are optimized to provide the highest level of performance in compact packages.


H-alpha Solar Filters
These H-alpha Filters are designed to retrofit your astronomical telescope for observing the sun during the day. Several filter sizes can be matched with an adapter-plate to the existing scope aperture. Systems include front mounted Etalon filter and the required rear mounted 50.8 mm (2") or 31.7 mm (1.25") blocking filter.


Calcium Ca-K Solar Modules
Not only in the H-alpha, also in the Calcium-K wavelength the sun will show you many details. But for human eyes it is difficult to see this wavelength. Therefore, the Ca-K modules from Lunt Solar Systems are optimized primarily for photography.


Mechanical Accessories
Adapter-Plates for mounting H-alpha filters at various telescopes.


Whitelight Accessories
Whitelight accessories (Sun glasses, AstroSolar Safety Film, Herschelwedges, ...) you will find here.