Vixen ARTES Series

Roof Prism Binoculars

  • The Finest Roof Prism Binoculars
  • The Pinnacle of Performance in Sports Optics

The 7-layered "flat multi-coatings" on the objective lens for high light transmission and high reflectivity dielectric coatings on the SK15 subsidiary roof prism produce outstanding sharp image with bright and clear field of view. The oil flipped lens coatings keep dirt away from the outer surfaces of the objective and ocular lenses. The use of magnesium alloy makes the binocular body strong but lightweight.

It is Vixen's highest ranked quality binoculars which are particular about its performance in every respect.


Features of ARTES Series


  • ED Objective Lens
    With the use of extra low dispersion glass in one of the objective lens elements, the Vixen ARTES binoculars deliver outstandingly sharp images free of chromatic aberration.
  • Flat Multi-Coatings
    The newest flat multi-coatings on the surfaces of the lenses achieve superb light transmission over all the visible rays of light.

  • Phase Coatings Prisms
    The phase coatings correct phase shift of the light waves that occurs on the edge of roof prisms by reflection. It can achieve image quality of higher contrast levels and the results are extremely bright and sharp images with maximum contrast.

  • SK15 Prisms
    The finest SK15 prisms with the index of high refraction are used for the sub prisms resulting in brighter images throughout the edge of field of view.

  • High Reflectivity Dielectric Coating
    State-of-the-art dielectric coatings are applied to a surface of the sub roof prisms to achieve extremely high reflectivity.

  • Hydrophobic Coatings
    This coating protects the outer lens surfaces from dirt. If the lens is marked with fingerprints or dust particles, the lens surface can easily be cleaned.

  • Magnesium Alloy Body
    You will appreciate the sturdy yet light weight body made of magnesium alloy. Nitrogen filled waterproof construction keeps your view clear in any weather.

  • Open-hinged Design
    Open-hinged arms of the body are designed for firm gripping and smooth focusing anytime.

  • Flip Objective Lens Covers
    The objective lens covers are attached to the front of the objective with a ring band to avoid losing them easily.

  • Long Eye Relief

Vixen ARTES 8.5x45 DCF Binocular

Vixen ARTES 8.5x45 DCF Binocular

1.363,73 EUR

incl. 16 % VAT excl. shipping costs

Vixen ARTES 10.5x45 DCF Binocular

Vixen ARTES 10.5x45 DCF Binocular

1.509,95 EUR

incl. 16 % VAT excl. shipping costs