Note- & Netbooktents

iCap Note- & Netbooktents

Note- & Netbooktents
Protect notebooks & Netbooks against sun, glare, heat, rain, sand and other influences!


The new iCap modells in 3 sizes of the PRO Version: MIN, MID & MAX

  • new designed: Smaller, better function and nicer
  • specially developed, opaque (does not let light through), waterproof, anti scrach coated reflective fabrics
  • 5 side slit openings on every side for ventilating, for cables and for USB Sticks
  • Side flaps for covering the side openings and protect against rain
  • 2 tension belts to reduce the front opening and stabilize or adjust iCap on 2 clew buckles
  • 2 hook-and-loop buckle belts to fixate against wind
  • Handle to carry iCap together with its content

iCap Notebooktents

iCap Notebooktents

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